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Coleridge's Watchman

Coleridge, among his many speculations, started a periodical, in prose
and verse, entitled The Watchman, with the motto, "that all might know
the truth, and that the truth might make us free." He watched in vain!
Coleridge's incurable want of order and punctuality, and his philosophical
theories, tired out and disgusted his readers, and the work was
discontinued after the ninth number. Of the unsaleable nature of this
publication, he relates an amusing illustration. Happening one morning
to rise at an earlier hour than usual, he observed his servant-girl
putting an extravagant quantity of paper into the grate, in order to
light the fire, and he mildly checked her for her wastefulness: "La!
sir," replied Nanny; "why, it's only Watchmen."

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