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Dr Johnson In London

The following were Dr. Johnson's several places of residence in and near

1. Exeter-street, off Catherine-street, Strand. (1737.)
2. Greenwich. (1737.)
3. Woodstock-street, near Hanover-square. (1737.)
4. Castle-court, Cavendish-square, No. 6. (1738.)
5. Boswell-court.
6. Strand.
7. Strand, again.
8. Bow-street.
9. Holborn.
10. Fetter-lane.
11. Holborn again; at the Golden Anchor, Holborn Bars. (1748.)
12. Gough-square. (1748.)
13. Staple Inn. (1758.)
14. Gray's Inn.
15. Inner Temple-lane, No. 1. (1760.)
16. Johnson's court, Fleet-street, No. 5. (1765.)
17. Bolt-court, Fleet-street, No. 8. (1776.)

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