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Reconciling The Fathers

A Dean of Gloucester having some merry divines at dinner with him one
day, amongst other discourses they were talking of reconciling the
Fathers on some points; he told them he could show them the best way
in the world to reconcile them on all points of difference; so, after
dinner, he carried them into his study, and showed them all the Fathers,
classically ordered, with a quart of sack betwixt each of them.

* * * * *


Sir James once asked Dr. Parr to join him in a drive in his gig. The
horse growing restive--"Gently, Jemmy," the Doctor said; "don't irritate
him; always soothe your horse, Jemmy. You'll do better without me. Let
me down, Jemmy!" But once safe on the ground--"Now, Jemmy," said the
Doctor, "touch him up. Never let a horse get the better of you. Touch
him up, conquer him, do not spare him. And now I'll leave you to manage
him; I'll walk back."

* * * * *

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