1. The Gardener, with the aid of such patients as can be taken out for that purpose, shall have the care of the orchard, garden, and grounds around the Asylum and Physician's house; he shall have charge of the cultivation of the vegetables, ... Read more of Gardener at Insane Asylum.caInformational Site Network Informational

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Regality Of Genius

Gibbon, when speaking of his own genealogy, refers to the fact of
Fielding being of the same family as the Earl of Denbigh, who, in common
with the Imperial family of Austria, is descended from the celebrated
Rodolph, of Hapsburgh. "While the one branch," he says, "have contented
themselves with being sheriffs of Leicestershire, and justices of the
peace, the others have been emperors of Germany and kings of Spain; but
the magnificent romance of Tom Jones will be read with pleasure, when
the palace of the Escurial is in ruins, and the Imperial Eagle of
Austria is rolling in the dust."

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