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A Hundred Different Names Being Written On The Cards To Tell The

particular Name any Person thought of.

Write on ten cards a hundred different names, observing that the
last name on each card begins with one of the letters in the word
INDROMACUS, which letters, in the order they stand, answer the numbers
1 to 10, thus:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

On ten other cards write the same names, with this restriction, that
the first name on every card must be taken from the first of the other
cards, whose last name begins with I; the second name must be taken
from that whose last name begins with N; and so of the rest. Then let
any person choose a card out of the first ten, and after he has fixed
on a name, give it to you again, when you carefully note the last
name, by which you know the number of that card. You then take the
other ten cards, and, after shuffling them, show them to the person,
and ask if he sees the name he chose, and when he answers in the
affirmative, you look to that name which is the same in number from
the top with the number of the card he took from the other parcel, and
that will be the name he fixed on.

Instead of ten cards there may be twenty to each parcel, by adding
duplicates to each card; which will make it appear more mysterious,
and will not at all embarrass it, as you have only to remember the
last name on each card. Instead of names you may write questions on
one of the parcels, and answers on the other.

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