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Another Method

Artificial coruscations may also be produced by means of oil of
vitriol and iron, in the following manner:--Take a glass vessel
capable of holding three quarts: put into this three ounces of oil of
vitriol, and twelve ounces of water, then warming the mixture a
little, throw in at several times two ounces, or more, of clear iron
filings: upon this, an ebullition and white vapours will arise; then
present a lighted candle to the mouth of the vessel, and the vapour
will take fire, and afford a bright fulmination or flash; like
lightning. Applying the candle in this manner several times, the
effect will always be the same; and sometimes the fire will fill the
whole body of the glass, and even circulate to the bottom of the
liquor; at others, it will only reach a little down its neck. The
great caution to be used in making this experiment, is the making the
vapour of a proper heat; for if made too cold few vapours will arise;
and, if made too hot, they will arise too fast, and will only take
fire in the neck of the glass, without any remarkable coruscation.

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