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How To Make The Pass Hold The Pack Of Cards In Your Right Hand So

that the palm of your hand may be under the cards: place the thumb of
that hand on one side of the pack; the first, second, and third
fingers on the other side, and your little finger between those cards
that are to be brought to the top, and the rest of the pack. Then
place your left hand over the cards in such a manner that the thumb
may be at C, the fore-finger at A, and the other fingers at B, as in
the following figure:

+----------------+ +----------------+
Bottom. Top.



Little Finger.
+----------------+ +----------------+

The hands and the two parts of the cards being thus disposed, you draw
off the lower cards, confined by the little finger and the other parts
of the right hand, and place them, with an imperceptible motion, on
the top of the pack.

But before you attempt any of the tricks that depend on making the
pass, you must have great practice, and be able to perform it so
dexterously and expeditiously, that the eye cannot detect the movement
of the hand; or you may, instead of deceiving others, expose yourself.

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