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The Boundless Prospect

Take a square box, about six inches long and twelve high, or of any
other proportionate dimensions. Cover the inside with four flat pieces
of looking-glass placed perpendicular to the bottom of the box. Place
at the bottom any objects you please, as a piece of fortification, a
castle, tents, soldiers, &c. On the top, place a frame of glass shaped
like the bottom of a pyramid, as in Fig. 8, and so formed as to fit on
the box like a cover. The four sides of this cover are to be composed
of ground glass, or covered inside with gauze, so that the light may
enter, and yet the inside be invisible, except at the top, which must
be covered with transparent glass: when you look through this glass,
the inside will present a pleasing prospect of a boundless extent;
and, if managed with care, will afford a deal of amusement.

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