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The Candle Lighted By Electricity

Charge a small coated phial, whose knob is bent outwards so as to hang
a little over the body of the phial; then wrap some loose cotton over
the extremity of a long brass pin or wire, so as to stick moderately
fast to its substance. Next roll this extremity of the pin, which is
wrapped up in cotton, in some fine powdered resin; then apply the
extremity of the pin or wire to the external coating of the charged
phial, and bring, as quickly as possible, the other extremity, that is
wrapped round with cotton, to the knob; the powdered resin takes fire,
and communicates its flame to the cotton, and both together burn long
enough to light a candle. Dipping the cotton in oil of turpentine will
do as well, if you use a larger sized jar.

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