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The Card Changed By Word Of Command

You must have two cards of the same sort in the pack, (say the king of
spades.) Place one next the bottom card, (say seven of hearts,) and
the other at top. Shuffle the cards without displacing those three,
and show a person that the bottom card is the seven of hearts. This
card you dexterously slip aside with your finger, which you have
previously wetted, and, taking the king of spades from the bottom,
which the person supposes to be the seven of hearts, lay it on the
table, telling him to cover it with his hand.

Shuffle the cards again, without displacing the first and last card,
and, shifting the other king of spades from the top to the bottom,
show it to another person. You then draw that privately away, and,
taking the bottom card, which will then be the seven of hearts, you
lay that on the table, and tell the second person (who believes it to
be the king of spades) to cover it with his hand.

You then command the cards to change places; and when the two parties
take off their hands and turn up the cards, they will see, to their
great astonishment, that your commands are obeyed.

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