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The Deforming Mirrors

If a person look in a concave mirror placed perpendicularly to
another, (that is, supposing one mirror to be laid on the floor, and
the other attached to the ceiling,) his face will appear entirely
deformed. If the mirror be a little inclined, so as to make an angle
of 80 degrees, (that is, one-ninth part from the perpendicular,) he
will then see all the parts of his face, except the nose and forehead.
If it be inclined to 60 degrees; (that is, one-third part,) he will
appear with three noses and six eyes: in short, the apparent deformity
will vary at each degree of inclination, and when the glass comes to
45 degrees, (that is, half-way down,) the face will vanish. If,
instead of placing the two mirrors in this situation, they are so
disposed that their junction may be vertical, then different
inclinations will produce other effects, as the situation of the
object relative is quite different.

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