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The Electrified Camphor

A beautiful experiment of the same nature is made with camphor. A
spoon holding a piece of lighted camphor is made to communicate with
an electrified body, as the prime conductor of a machine; while the
conductor continues electrified by keeping the machine in motion, the
camphor will throw out ramifications, and appear to shoot like a


Many of the following recreations are performed by arithmetical
calculations, and may therefore be considered as connected with
science; but as it has been the aim of this work to unite amusement
with instruction, some experiments on this subject are introduced, the
performance of which depends on dexterity of hand. As this is only to
be acquired by practice, and, after all, is merely a mechanical
operation, the study of it will produce little useful knowledge,
though it may afford much entertainment; but as it must be gratifying
to know the method by which they are performed by those persons
skilled in such manoeuvres, who publicly exhibit them to the
astonishment of the spectator, they are presented to our readers, that
when they recognize them at any of these exhibitions, their eyes may
not be in danger of deceiving their judgment.

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