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The Metamorphosed Cards

In the middle of a pack place a card that is something wider than the
rest, which we will suppose to be the knave of spades, under which
place the seven of diamonds, and under that the ten of clubs. On the
top of the pack put cards similar to these, and others on which are
painted different objects, viz.:

First card A bird
Second A seven of diamonds
Third A flower
Fourth Another seven of diamonds
Fifth A bird
Sixth A ten of clubs
Seventh A flower
Eighth Another ten of clubs;

then seven or eight indifferent cards, the knave of spades, which is
the wide card, the seven of diamonds, the ten of clubs, and the rest
any indifferent cards.

Two persons are to draw the two cards that are under the wide card,
which are the seven of diamonds and the ten of clubs. You take the
pack in your left hand, and open it at the wide end, as you open a
book, and tell the person who drew the seven of diamonds to place it
in that opening. You then blow on the cards, and, without closing
them, instantly bring the card which is at top, and on which a bird is
painted, over that seven of diamonds. To do this dexterously, you must
wet the middle finger of your left hand, with which you are to bring
the card to the middle of the pack. You then bid the person look at
his card, and when he has remarked the change, to place it where it
was before. Then blow on the cards a second time, and, bringing the
seven of diamonds, which is at the top of the pack, to the opening,
you bid him look at his card again, when he will see it is that which
he drew. You may do the same with all the other painted cards, either
with the same person, or with him who drew the ten of clubs.

The whole artifice consists in bringing the card at the top of the
pack to the opening in the middle, by the wet finger, which requires
no great practice. Observe, not to let the pack go out of your hands.

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