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The Revolutions Of The Heavenly Bodies Forming What Is Called The Electrical Orrery Let A Single Wire With The Extremities Point

and turned, be nicely balanced on a point; fix a small glass ball over
its centre to represent the sun. At one extremity of the wire, let a
small wire be soldered perpendicularly, and on this balance another
small wire with its ends pointed and turned, and having a small pith
ball in its centre, to represent the earth, and a smaller ball of the
same kind at one of the angles, for the moon. Let the whole be
supported upon a glass pillar, and be conducted by a chain proceeding
from the prime conductor to the wire supporting the glass ball. Now,
when the machine is put in motion, the wires will turn round, so that
the ball representing the earth will move round the central ball, and
the little ball at the angle of the smaller wire will at the same time
revolve about the earth.

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