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The Solar Magic Lantern

Make a box, a foot high, eighteen inches wide, and about three inches
deep. Two of the opposite sides of this box must be quite open, and in
each of the other sides let there be a groove wide enough to admit a
stiff paper or pasteboard. You fasten the box against a window, on
which the sun's rays fall direct. The rest of the window should be
closed up, that no light may enter.

Next provide several sheets of stiff paper, blacked on one side. On
these papers cut out such figures as your fancy may dictate; place
them alternately in the grooves of the box, with their blacked sides
towards you, and look at them through a large and clear glass prism;
and if the light be strong, they will appear painted with the most
lively colours. If you cut on one of these papers the form of a
rainbow, about three-quarters of an inch wide, you will have a very
good representation of the natural one.

For greater convenience, the prism may be placed on a stand on the
table, made to turn round on an axis.

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