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To Construct Paper Balloons

Take several sheets of silk paper; cut them in the shape of a spindle;
or, to speak more familiarly, like the coverings of the sections of an
orange; join these pieces together, into one spherical or globular
body, and border the aperture with a ribbon, leaving the ends, that
you may suspend them from the following lamp.

Construct a small basket of very fine wire, if the balloon is small,
and suspend it from the aperture, so that the smoke from the flame of
a few leaves of paper, wrapped together, and dipped in oil, may heat
the inside of it. Before you light this paper, suspend the balloon in
such a manner, that it may, in a great measure, be exhausted of air,
and as soon as it has been dilated, let it go, together with the wire
basket, which will serve as ballast.

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