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To Find The Difference Between Two Numbers The Greatest Of Which Is


Take as many nines as there are figures in the smallest number, and
subtract that sum from the number of nines. Let another person add
that difference to the largest number, and, taking away the first
figure of the amount, add it to the last figure, and that sum will be
the difference of the two numbers.

For example: Robert, who is 22, tells George, who is older, that he
can discover the difference of their ages; he therefore privately
deducts 22 from 99, and the difference, which is 77, he tells George
to add to his age, and to take away the first figure from the amount,
and add it to the last figure, and that last sum will be the
difference of their ages. Thus, the difference between

Robert's age and 99, is 77
To which George adding his age 35
The sum will be 112
Then by taking away the first figure, 1, }
and adding it to the last figure, 2, } 13
the sum is }
Which added to Robert's age 22
Gives George's age, which is 35

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