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To Make Beautiful Transparent Coloured Water

The following liquors, which are coloured, being mixed, produce
colours very different from their own. The yellow tincture of
saffron, and the red tincture of roses, when mixed, produce a green.
Blue tincture of violets, and brown spirit of sulphur, produce a
crimson. Red tincture of roses, and brown spirits of hartshorn, make a
blue. Blue tincture of violets, and blue solution of copper, give a
violet colour. Blue tincture of cyanus, and blue spirit of
sal-ammoniac coloured, make green. Blue solution of Hungarian vitriol,
and brown ley of potash, make yellow. Blue solution of Hungarian
vitriol, and red tincture of roses, make black; and blue tincture of
cyanus, and green solution of copper, produce red.

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