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To Make The Phosphorus Match Bottles

Nothing more is necessary for this purpose, than to drop small pieces
of dry phosphorus into a common phial; gently heat it till it melts;
and then turn the bottle round, that it may adhere to the sides. The
phial should be closely corked; and when used, a common brimstone
match is to be introduced, and rubbed against the sides of the phial:
this inflames the match when it is brought out of the bottle. Though
there is no danger in phosphorus, till friction, or fire, is applied,
yet persons cannot be too cautious in the use of it, as instances have
been known of one of these bottles catching fire in the pocket, and
very much endangering the person who carried it; likewise, if
carelessly used, small particles are apt to get under the nails, or on
the hand; and if, by accident, they are held to the fire, or rubbed
together, a flame will presently kindle.

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