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Advice To The Young Man

When the young man leaves his father's home to plan out his course as a
farmer it is very necessary for him to observe two grand points:

1st. To so live, act and speak, as the Apostle Paul says, "void of
offense both to God and man;" and in these words there is a world of
thought. This constitutes our noblest characters in this life and the
life to come.

2nd. In relation to finance, or making and saving of money. Purchase a
good farm, just as much land as you can cultivate well, and no more;
don't have one surplus acre; don't do like some people, raise every
kind of stock and never have anything for market; but when you raise
hogs, raise nothing else for market but hogs; and raise all you can
fatten--that is, all you can raise corn to make fat; and by this rule
to have one or two car loads for sale every fall; you will become
wealthy if you live to be old.

In relation to managing your fields, be sure not to exhaust your soil;
if you are in timber land, sow wheat every other year on your
corn-fields; this will keep your land constantly improving from
ordinary land to rich land. If you live in prairie country where your
wheat will not pay, never sow oats unless you let your hogs take them
before cutting. Always have one clover field for your hogs to run on in
the hard months of summer and fall.

Now, reader, in conclusion, I will give you certificates of the most
prominent men in our vicinity, who tried and experienced the Stephen's
Hog Cholera Remedy, and became convinced of its great value and benefit
to man; and that all men may have confidence and rely on this remedy as
a fact, these men have gone before the Justice of the Peace and sworn
to the facts as they exist. You will see their certificates on the
following pages.

Now, reader, hoping we may both be greatly benefited by this little
work, I bid you God speed. Good-bye.


This is to certify that I bought one of Dr. J. H. Stephen's Hog
Cholera books in 1880, when my hogs were dying with that disease. I
went home and followed the directions of the book. I cured my hogs
and prevented the rest from having the disease. I here state I have
followed Dr. Stephen's book's directions for fifteen years, feeding
and raising hogs, with Cholera around me, and have kept my hogs
healthy ever since. You need not be afraid of Hog Cholera if you
have one of the books. The remedy will not cost more than one
dollar a year for one hundred hogs. No one that has hogs can afford
to do without it. I was living in Monroe county when I bought the
book. I am now living in Brunswick, Chariton county, Mo., with Hog
Cholera all around me. I am not afraid of it. If you doubt this,
write to me.


Witness, B. G. YOUNG.
October 15, 1895.


In 1870 my hogs, and many of those of my neighbors, died with Hog
Cholera; it also broke out again in '71. Dr. Stephens, of
Centralia, discovered a never failing cure for Hog Cholera. I used
his remedy, it being no expense or trouble, and I never lost a hog,
while every one of my neighbors lost a large portion of their hogs
by disease. My hogs running with them, I am satisfied that I would
have lost them, had it not been for this great remedy of Stephens,
that I used. I am satisfied that this remedy will either cure or
prevent Hog Cholera in any case. I am an old farmer, and would not
be without this sure remedy for any reasonable sum of money. I
conscientiously and unhesitatingly advise every farmer to not fail
to get at least a farm right, and save your hogs from that dreadful
destructive disease; for the remedy will cure and prevent Hog
Cholera in any case. I have experienced this fact, and the benefit

of it is the reason I set so high a value on it. I am a sojourner
near Cairo, Randolph county, Mo. Was born in Kentucky and emigrated
to Missouri in an early day.

June 24, 1872.


I hereby state a valuable fact. My hogs were dying with Cholera in
the fall of 1871; I offered the lot for a certain sum of money.
They were dying every day with Hog Cholera, in Boone County. I
finally offered them for a mere nominal sum, not being one-fifth
part of the value of the hogs, had not the Cholera been among them,
and they dying every day. Dr. J. H. Stephens of Centralia, Mo.,
said he could cure them, and Mr. R. E. Edwards, of Centralia, Mo.,
having faith in Dr. Stephens, bought the hogs. To my own knowledge,
the hogs were cured and fatted up, and made well; and I say for the
benefit of the public, that I believe that Dr. Stephens can either
cure or prevent Hog Cholera on any man's farm. I advise all farmers
to get his great and valuable remedy; it may save you thousands of

Given under my hand this June 22nd, 1872. This is for no benefit of
mine, but alone for the benefit of the public. This is a fact.

Trustee of the M.E. Church, Centralia.

Subscribed and sworn to before me on this 22nd day of June, 1872.
J. M. WEST, J.P.


Centralia, Boone Co., July 3, 1872.

Dr. Stephens, of this place, I believe, has discovered at last the
great remedy both to cure and to prevent Hog Cholera. This disease
has made its ravages among hogs in every State like cholera among
men, but I hope and believe from experience, that Dr. Stephens has,
after all the remedies have been tried, discovered the great and
only reliable remedy, I am satisfied from theory and experience
that his remedy will both cure and prevent Hog Cholera. I bought a
lot of hogs, every one of which had the Cholera, on the faith that
Dr. Stephens would cure them. I bought the hogs of E. T. Bennett,
living in our town. They were dying every day, and I bought them at
a mere nominal sum, it not being, perhaps, one-fifth or sixth part
of the value of said hogs. I called on Dr. Stephens, and he
instructed me what to do. The remedy cost me but a trifle and I
cured every one, and my hogs fattened and did well--other hogs
dying all over town--mine cured sound and remained healthy. I am
not afraid of Hog Cholera any more; at least I am satisfied I can
cure it with Dr. Stephens' great remedy. This remedy I never before
heard of for Hog Cholera; but I have experienced the fact. The
great value is, it costs you, to prevent 1,000 hogs from having it
one year with three hours' labor, but $1.00. My advice is, don't
fail to obtain this valuable remedy at any cost. This is a fact
that I believe is worth more, and a greater saver of money to the
United States than any discovery that has been made in the 19th

Sup't. of the M.E. Sunday School, Centralia, Mo.

Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 3rd day of July, 1872.

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