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Bogardus' Liniment

Take two ozs. Oil Cajeput, one oz. Oil Sassafras,
one oz. Oil Cloves, one oz. Oil Organum, 1/2-oz. Oil Mustard, one oz.
Tinc. Capsicum, two ozs. Gum Camphor, one-half Gallon of Alcohol. Use
as other liniments for any ache or pain. For sore throat or hoarseness,
saturate a towel with the liniment, place it over the mouth, let it
remain so for 4 or 5 hours, and you will be cured. For croup, bathe
throat and chest with the liniment. Give one-fourth teaspoonful of
liniment in one teaspoonful of warm water every 5 to 10 minutes till
relieved. Also, let the child breathe the fumes of the liniment. I
especially recommend this liniment for general family use.

[1] NOTE--It is not pretended that in every instance the formulas
are absolutely those used to make the medicines as indicated
herein; but in every instance the medicines are equally good,
when made according to instructions.

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