In the year 1680, at Lumley, a hamlet near Chester-le-Street in the county of Durham, there lived one Walker, a man well to do in the world, and a widower. A young relation of his, whose name was Anne Walker, kept his house, to the great s... Read more of Anne Walker at Scary Stories.caInformational Site Network Informational

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Drops Of Life

One oz. Gum Opium, one drm. Gum Kino, forty grs. Gum
Camphor, one-half ounce Nutmeg powdered, one pint French Brandy. Let
stand from one to ten days. Dose, from 30 to 40 drops for an adult;
children, half doses. This is one of the most valuable preparations in
the Materia Medica, and will in some dangerous hours, when all hope is
fled, and the system is racked with pain, be the soothing balm which
cures the most dangerous disease to which the human body is
liable--flux, dysentery and all summer complaints.

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