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Freezing Mixture

Take four parts Nitric Acid, six parts Nitrate
Ammonia, and nine parts phosphate of Soda. Having first prepared a
vessel of galvanized iron four inches wide, twenty-four inches long,
and twelve inches deep, have it a little wider at the top than at the
bottom. Now make another vessel eight inches wide, twenty-eight inches
long and fourteen inches high. Put the small vessel inside the larger
one, fill the small one nearly full of as cool water as you can
procure, put the freezing mixture in the large vessel around the
smaller one, set this in as cool a place as possible. If you will have
a faucet at the lower edge of the larger vessel and first fill the
large vessel with the following it will greatly assist in freezing.
Equal parts of Sal-Ammonia and Nitre dissolved in its own weight of
water. In ten to fifteen minutes pour this off and put in the freezing

I have used the above description of a vessel to give you an
idea of how to operate. Any sized vessel made in the same proportion
will work as well.

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