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How To Ornament Cakes

You need four cups of confectioners' finest
sugar, whites of two eggs. Beat the eggs just a little, add the sugar
gradually, juice one lemon; beat this stiff, until the sugar will bend
when you hold the paddle up. Now take a sheet of thick writing paper,
fold it into a funnel shape, hold it in your left hand; fill this with
the icing, prepared as above, about two-thirds full, fold in the top
and place both thumbs on it, cut off a little of the small end of the
funnel to allow the icing to come out when you press with your thumbs.
Next, with a knife, cover your cake with icing sugar smoothly; if it
sticks to the knife, wet it a little. Let dry half hour; then with a
lead pencil make leaves or designs, and with your paper funnel ice your
pencil designs. Colored icing looks well.

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