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Ixl Baking Powder

Take one pound Tartaric Acid in Crystals, one
and one-half pounds Bi-Carbonate of Soda, and one and one-half pounds
of Potash Starch. Each must be powdered separately, well dried by a
slow heat, well mixed through a sieve. Pack hard in tinfoil, tin or
paper glazed on the outside. The Tartaric Acid and Bi-Carbonate of Soda
can of course be bought cheaper of wholesale druggists than you can
make them, unless you are doing things on a large scale, but Potato
Starch any one can make. It is only necessary to peel the potatoes and
to grate them up fine into vessels of water, to let them settle, pour
off the water, and make the settlings into balls, and dry them. With
these directions anyone can make as good baking-powder as is sold
anywhere. If he wants to make it very cheap, he can take Cream of
Tartar and common Washing (Carbonate) Soda, instead of the articles
named in the recipe, but this would be advisable only where customers
insist on excessively low prices in preference to quality of goods.

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