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On Treatment

A little further advice concerning the treatment of hogs when penned
for fattening; hogs should be penned on rolling ground if possible;
they fatten better and consume less corn; they should be salted twice a
week. The way to salt is as follows: If there is no decaying stump in
the pen, haul a rotten log and pour salt on it, and the hogs will use
all the salt and waste none; and the demands of nature will have them
use just enough and no more; this preparation will save 2-1/2 bushels
of corn to every hog, which is $1.00--quite an item where you have a
large pen of hogs. Salt your stock hogs in the same way. When you have
used Stephen's Remedies one year, you would not be without this
knowledge for any small amount, for your hogs will be healthy and
prosperous. If the reader has only one hog per year, it will pay him to
buy this book in relation to the breed of hogs. I don't know that I
could enlighten you on this subject, for the world's attention is
directed to that information, and perhaps, reader, you are as well
posted on that subject as your humble writer. For the western country,
as a hardy and profitable stock of thrifty hogs, the Berkshire mixed or
crossed with the Poland China, would be my choice, but every man has
his own notions concerning the breed of his stock. The main point is to
keep them healthy. Please fathom these instructions, which will cost
you no more hard labor.

Now, reader, the Author has endeavored, in his plain and simple manner,
and in as few words as possible, to explain the cause of Hog Cholera,
its effects, symptoms, and its cure and prevention, which have been
demonstrated by the Author, and not only by him but by divers others
under his instruction.

Before the Author wrote this book, he sold these receipts at from
$10.00 to $50.00; but seeing the great loss of labor and perplexity in
relation to Hog Cholera, and the pressing necessity throughout our
land, alone induced the Author of this work to write a book and set
such a low price on it as to enable every poor widow, that has even a
pet pig, to be in possession of one as a security for its health.

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