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Sour Lemon Drops

Make a batch of barley squares. Just as soon as you
pour it on the slab sprinkle over it three-fourths ounce dry Tartaric
Acid, two tablespoons Lemon flavor; turn the cold edges in to the
center of the batch, work it like bread dough; place this before a hot
stove on your table and cut into little pieces with your scissors, or
run the batch through a drop machine.

All goods that you want to spin out or run through a machine or cut
with scissors should be kept warm by a sheet iron stove, on a brick
foundation, fitted in the table evenly, and the candy placed in front
to keep warm.

Should the candy slab, after it is greased, act sticky, not allowing
the candy to come up freely, throw a dust of flour over the sticky
place after it has been greased.

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