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Symptoms Of The Disease Hog Cholera

1st. Gentleness and sluggishness.

2d. You will see the hog moving around with his nose close to the
ground, with a kind of a forced cough, hair looking dead and kind of a
reddish color; then they quit eating and soon die. These symptoms are
generally of a slow progress, but certain death if Stephen's Cholera
Remedy is not used. These symptoms are set forth both in dry and
purging Hog Cholera. On the first appearance, this disease is more
fatal, from the fact that nature teaches the brute, by unlearned laws,
natural medical aid; but this disease is so powerful and destructive
there is something more necessary than the animal can generally get at.

We now propose to give the cause and the whole cause of the fearful
disease caused Hog Cholera: The system of both man and brute is made up
and composed of a living animalcule so small that it cannot be
discovered with the eye, it being so delicate; but, by the use of the
microscope, it can be readily seen and realized. In good health, with
this animal, this animalcule is the life and spirit of the hog, causing
the functions throughout the whole system to perform nature's intended
designs--regular digestion, and a perfect circulation throughout the
whole animal nature; but when this valuable animal is ranging in
certain localities where he has no resort to certain material, the
system becomes of an impure character, and this delicate animalcule
commanding a rapid growth, feeds upon the nutriment of the body of the
hogs and consequently destroys life without a counteracting remedy of
speedy effect. The liver is the seat of worms or animalcule; it is also
the king or main spring of digestion of both man and beast; when the
hog begins to droop, the worm is rapidly growing; and, without
something to destroy this worm, the hog will die. In certain localities
the hog never has this disease.

Now, this is full and ample evidence that it is the locality in
relation to feed that keeps this fearful disease from the hog. In my
travels I have observed, the localities and health of this valuable
animal depends on what range or food he gets. The Author, having
traveled through different countries and localities, observing at the
same time the health of this animal, gave rise to this great discovery
as a perfect remedy for health. This remedy will both prevent and cure
this disease, when the disease has not too strong a hold, and the liver
and blood fevered too much by the worm. The liver, being the seat of
digestion, must not be disturbed; if its digestion is disturbed,
secretions are located--the system depending on the liver as the clock
or watch depends on its mainspring for time; therefore, knowing the
disease and remedy, end experiencing the facts, the Author is fully
satisfied that his remedy, both as a preventative and cure, is all that
it claims to be, and is undoubtedly the most valuable discovery for the
health of the swine that has ever been known or found out.

The reasons and cause of Hog Cholera having been explained, the Author
now proposes to give the

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