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The Housekeeper's Friend Or Electric Powder

This is one of the most
salable articles of the day and staple as flour--something that every
housekeeper will buy. It is used for gold and silver plated ware,
German silver, brass, copper, glass, tin, steel, or any material where
a brilliant lustre is required. Is put up in two ounce wood boxes,
costs three cents to manufacture, sells at retail for 25 cents, to
agents and stores for $12.00 per 100 boxes.

To four pounds best quality Whiting, add one-half pound Cream
Tartar and three ounces Calcined Magnesia; mix thoroughly together, box
and label.

Directions.--Use the polish dry with a piece of chamois skin or
Canton flannel, previously moistened with water or alcohol, and finish
with the polish dry. A few moments' rubbing will develop a surprising
lustre, different from the polish produced by any other substance.

Follow the same directions as in "Starch Enamel," and perfume
as follows: Take two ounces Oil Lemon Grass and one-half ounce Oil of
Cloves, and one-fourth ounce Oil of Lavender flowers; mix them well
together. For this amount of perfume you require about four quarts of
the liquid paraffine. Pour the oils into the melted paraffine while
warm, stirring it well while pouring. Stamp into square cakes and put
into neatly printed envelopes. Sell for ten cents a cake, cost two
cents. Agents can sell 100 cakes a day.

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