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The Lightning Ink Eraser

The great Lightning Ink Eraser may be used
instead of a knife or scraper for erasing in order to rectify a mistake
or clean off a blot, without injury to the paper, leaving the paper as
clean and good to write upon as it was before the blot or mistake was
made, and without injury to the printer's ink upon any printed form or
ruling upon any first-class paper. Take of Chloride of Lime one pound,
thoroughly pulverized, and four quarts of Soft Water. The above must be
thoroughly shaken when first put together. It is required to stand
twenty-four hours to dissolve the Chloride of Lime. Then strain through
a cotton cloth, after which add a teaspoonful of Acetic Acid (No. 8
commercial) to every ounce of Chloride of Lime Water. The eraser is
used by reversing the penholder in the hand, dipping the end in the
fluid, and applying it, without rubbing, to the blot to be erased. When
the ink has disappeared, absorb the fluid into a blotter, and the paper
is immediately ready to write upon. Put up in common ink bottles and
retail for 25 cents each.

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