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The Magic Annihilator

To make one gross eight-ounce bottles--aqua
ammonia one gallon, soft water eight gallons, best white soap four
pounds, saltpetre eight ounces. Shave the soap fine, add the water,
boil until the soap is dissolved, let it get cold, then add the
saltpetre, stirring until dissolved. Now strain, let the suds settle,
skim off the dry suds, add the ammonia, bottle and cork at once. Cost
about $7.25 per gross; sells for $72.00. It will do everything claimed
for it and more, too. It is no mixture of soap suds as some may
suppose, but a pure scientific, chemical preparation. If you wish to
make a small quantity for trial, take aqua ammonia two ounces, soft
water one quart, saltpetre one teaspoonful. Shave the soap fine, mix
all, shake well, and let settle a day or two to dissolve the soap.

What It Will Do.--It will remove all kinds of grease and oil spots
from every variety of wearing apparel, such as coats, pants, vests,
dress goods, carpets, etc., without injury to the finest silks or
laces. It will shampoo like a charm, raising the lather in proportion
to the amount of dandruff and grease in the hair. A cloth wet with it
will remove all grease from door-knobs, window sills, etc., handled by
kitchen domestics in their daily routine of kitchen work. It will
remove paint from a board, I care not how hard or dry it is, if oil is
used in the paint, yet it will not injure the finest textures. Its
chemical action is such that it turns any oil or grease into soap,
which is easily washed out with clear cold water. For cleaning silver,
brass and copper ware it can't be beat. It is certain death to bed
bugs, for they will never stop after they have encountered the Magic

Directions for Use.--For grease spots, pour upon the article to be
cleaned a sufficient quantity of the Magic Annihilator rubbing well
with a clean sponge, and applying to both sides of the article you are
cleaning. Upon carpets and coarse goods, where the grease is hard and
dry, use a stiff brush and wash out with clear cold water. Apply again
if necessary. One application is all that is needed for any fresh
grease spots, but for old or dried a second may be required. For
shampooing take a small quantity of the Magic Annihilator with an equal
quantity of water, apply to the hair with a stiff brush, brushing into
the pores of the scalp, and wash out with clear water. You will be
surprised at the silk gloss of your hair. For cleaning silver ware,
etc., buy five cents' worth of whitening, mix a small quantity with the
magic annihilator, and apply with a rag, rubbing briskly. For killing
bed bugs, apply to the places they frequent, and they will leave in
short order. You will find it useful in many other ways. (See price
list of labels.)

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