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To Etch Upon Glass

Procure several thick, clear pieces of crown
glass; and immerse them in Melted Wax, so that they may receive a
complete coating, or pour over them a solution of Wax in Benzine. When
perfectly cold draw on them with a fine steel point, flowers, trees,
houses, portraits, etc. Whatever parts of the drawings are intended to
be corroded with the acid should be perfectly free from the least
particle of wax. When all these drawings are finished the pieces of
glass must be immersed one by one in a square leaden box or receiver,
where they are to be submitted to the action of Hydroflouric Acid Gas,
made by acting on Powdered Flour-Spar by Concentrated Sulphuric Acid.
When the glasses are sufficiently corroded, they are to be taken out,
and the wax is to be removed by first dipping them in warm and then in
hot water, or by washing with turpentine or benzine. Various colors may
be applied to the corroded parts of the glass, whereby a fine painting
may be executed. In the same manner sentences and initials of names may
be etched on wine-glasses, tumblers, etc.

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