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Care Of The Hands

A study of the hand is very interesting, and if mothers understood more
of its beautiful construction many of the little accidents which result
in deformed finger nails could be avoided. Mothers should attend most
carefully to the early cultivation of their children's finger nails, as
the habit of biting them is so easily formed and is sure to permanently
destroy their beauty.

A perfect hand is rounded and plump, soft, white and dimpled, with
tapering finger tips and filbert-shaped nails, snowing the little

It is possible for any woman to have such a hand if she is willing to
take time once a week to have the nails treated and to give them a
little personal attention each day. Great care should be taken in
washing the hands. A mild soap should be used, and particular attention
paid to the thorough drying of them, after which a good cuticle cream
should be applied and well rubbed in. The same cream may be used to
loosen the cuticle at the base of the nail, when it can be gently pushed
back, thus keeping the half-moon exposed. An orange-wood stick should
always be used to clean the nails.

Massaging the hands at least once a month aids wonderfully in making
them symmetrical and keeping the joints flexible and the skin free from
dark spots and wrinkles.

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