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Care Of The Scalp And Hair

Beautiful hair, beautiful skin and a beautiful form are the three graces
which are the birthright of every woman, but which, through lack of good
judgment and common sense, or through thoughtlessness on the part of
mothers of growing children, comparatively few possess.

Beautiful hair is one of nature's greatest gifts, and yet we never seem
to appreciate it until there is danger of losing it, or until it becomes
faded and lusterless because we have not used the right means for
preserving it.

The beauty and continuance of the hair depend upon its proper
nourishment, gained by the circulation of blood through the scalp, and
this must be maintained to keep the hair in good condition.

The structure of the hair is very beautiful, and each hair is contained
in a delicate sheath which fits into a slight depression in the skin
called the follicle, and around the base of the hair nature has provided
glands to secrete oily matter, the purpose of which is to keep the hair

In early maturity the hair reaches the state of greatest beauty, and at
this time the greatest care should be given it, feeding and nourishing
it as we would a plant--giving it plenty of air and sunlight, carefully
shampooing at least once in ten days. Massage the scalp to keep it loose
and flexible. Use electricity, a good tonic, and occasionally singe the
split ends.

If this process is commenced at the right time, the result will be fewer
cases of baldness in men and thin, poor hair in women.

The hair should also be worn loosely, forming a soft frame for the face,
which is always more becoming than tightly drawn hair. Many women drag
their hair out by the roots by tying back too firmly.

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