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Check-raising Made Easy

One of the first lessons, for instance, that a depositor should learn
before he is qualified to own a check-book is to commence writing the
amount as near as possible to the extreme left of the check. Those who
forget this are often reminded of it in a costly way. Some one raises
their checks by writing another figure in front of the proper amount.
Five hundred might be raised to twenty-five hundred in this way,
even by an unskilled forger.

The highest court has recently decided that a bank cannot be held
responsible, when it pays a raised check, if the maker of the check
failed in the first place to write it out correctly. The treasurer of
the Bath Electric Company, of Bath, Maine, had written a check for one
hundred dollars, which was raised to eighty-one hundred dollars and
cashed. The court held that the company, and not the bank, should lose
the eight thousand dollars, because of the gross carelessness in
drawing up the check. Facsimiles showing the check as originally written
and as it looked when paid are here reproduced.

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