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College Colors

Amherst--Purple and white.

Beloit--Old gold,


Brown--Brown and white.

Columbia--Light blue and white.

Cornell--Carnelian and white.



Indiana--Crimson and cream.

Iowa--Scarlet and black.

Iowa State--Cardinal and gold.

Johns Hopkins--Black and old gold.

Lake Forest--Red and black.

Leland Stanford--Cardinal.

Northwestern--Royal Purple.

Oberlin--Crimson and gold

Princeton--Orange and black.

Purdue--Old gold and black.

University of Chicago--Maroon.

University of Illinois--Orange and navy blue.

University of Michigan--Maize and blue.

University of Minnesota--Old gold and maroon.

University of Notre Dame--Gold and blue.

University of Pennsylvania--Red and blue.

University of Rochester--Dandelion yellow.

University of Wisconsin--Cardinal.

Vassar--Rose and gray.

Williams--Royal purple.


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