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Death Sentence Of The Savior

The following is said to be the sentence of death, word for word,
pronounced against Jesus Christ:

Sentence pronounced by Pontius Pilate, intendent of the lower province
of Galilee, that Jesus of Nazareth shall suffer death by the cross. In
the seventeenth year of the reign of Emperor Tiberius, and on the 24th
day of the month, in the most holy city of Jerusalem, during the
pontificate of Annas and Caiaphas.

Pontius Pilate, intendent of the Province of Lower Galilee, sitting to
judgment in the presidential seat of the Praetors, sentences Jesus of
Nazareth to death on a cross between robbers, as the numerous and
notorious testimonies of the people prove:

1. Jesus is a misleader.

2. He has excited the people to sedition.

3. He is an enemy to the laws.

4. He calls himself the son of God.

5. He calls himself, falsely, the King of Israel.

6. He went to the temple followed by a multitude carrying palms in their
hands. Orders from the first centurion Quirrillis Cornelius to bring him
to the place of execution. Forbids all persons, rich or poor, to prevent
the execution of Jesus.

The witnesses who have signed the execution of Jesus are:

1. Daniel Robani, Pharisee.

2. John Zorobabic.

3. Raphael Robani.

4. Capet.

Jesus is to be taken out of Jerusalem through the gate of Tournes.

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