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Facts About The Liberty Bell

Cast by Thomas Lester, Whitechapel, London.

Arrived in Philadelphia in August, 1752.

First used in statehouse, Philadelphia, Aug. 27, 1752.

Twice recast by Pass & Snow, Philadelphia, to repair crack, September,

Muffled and tolled Oct. 5, 1765, on arrival of ship Royal Charlotte with

Muffled and tolled Oct. 31, 1765, when stamp act was put in operation.

Summoned meeting to prevent landing of cargo of tea from the ship Polly
Dec. 27, 1774.

Summoned meeting of patriots April 25, 1775, after battle of Lexington.

Proclaimed declaration of independence and the birth of a new nation at
great ratification meeting July 8, 1776.

First journey from Philadelphia made in September, 1777, to Allentown,
Pa., to escape capture by the British; returned June 27, 1778.

Proclaimed treaty of peace April 16, 1783.

Tolled for the death of Washington Dec. 26, 1799.

Rung on the fiftieth anniversary of the declaration of independence July
4, 1826.

Last used in tolling for the death of John Marshall July 8, 1835,

Principal tours: To New Orleans in 1885; Chicago, 1893; Atlanta, 1895;
Boston, 1902; St Louis, 1904.

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