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Geographical Nicknames

States and Territories.

Alabama, Cotton State;

Arkansas, Toothpick and Bear State;

California, Eureka and Golden State;

Colorado, Centennial State;

Connecticut, Land of Steady Habits: Freestone State and Nutmeg State;

Dakota, Sioux State;

Delaware, Uncle Sam's Pocket Handkerchief and Blue Hen State;

Florida, Everglade and Flowery State;

Georgia, Empire State of the South;

Idaho, Gem of the Mountains;

Illinois, Prairie and Sucker State;

Indiana, Hoosier State;

Iowa, Hawkeye State;

Kansas, Jayhawker State;

Kentucky, Corn-cracker State;

Louisiana, Creole State;

Maine, Timber and Pine Tree State;

Maryland, Monumental State;

Massachusetts, Old Bay State;

Michigan, Wolverine and Peninsular State;

Minnesota, Gopher and North Star State;

Mississippi, Eagle State;

Missouri, Puke State;

Nebraska, Antelope State;

Nevada, Sage State;

New Hampshire, Old Granite State;

New Jersey, Blue State and New Spain;

New Mexico, Vermin State;

New York, Empire State;

North Carolina, Rip Van Winkle, Old North and Turpentine State;

Ohio, Buckeye State;

Oregon, Pacific State;

Pennsylvania, Keystone, Iron and Oil State;

Rhode Island, Plantation State and Little Rhody;

South Carolina, Palmetto State;

Tennessee, Lion's Den State;

Texas, Lone Star State;

Utah, Mormon State;

Vermont, Green Mountain State;

Virginia, Old Dominion;

Wisconsin, Badger and Copper State.

Natives of States and Territories.

Alabama, lizards;

Arkansas, toothpicks;

California, gold-hunters;

Colorado, rovers;

Connecticut, wooden nutmegs;

Dakota, squatters;

Delaware, muskrats;

Florida, fly-up-the-creeks;

Georgia, buzzards;

Idaho, fortune seekers;

Illinois, suckers;

Indiana, hoosiers;

Iowa, hawkeyes;

Kansas, jayhawkers;

Kentucky, corn-crackers;

Louisiana, creoles;

Maine, foxes;

Maryland, clam-humpers;

Massachusetts, Yankees;

Michigan, wolverines;

Minnesota, gophers;

Mississippi, tadpoles;

Missouri, pukes;

Nebraska, bugeaters;

Nevada, sagehens;

New Hampshire, granite boys;

New Jersey, blues or clam-catchers;

New Mexico, Spanish Indians;

New York, Knickerbockers;

North Carolina, tarheels;

Ohio, buckeyes;

Oregon, hard cases;

Pennsylvania, pennamites, or leather-heads;

Rhode Island, gun flints;

South Carolina, weazles;

Tennessee, whelps;

Texas, beef-heads;

Utah, polygamists;

Vermont, Green Mountain boys;

Virginia, beagles;

Wisconsin, badgers.

Nicknames of Cities.

Atlanta, Gate City of the South;

Baltimore, Monumental City;

Bangor, Lumber City;

Boston, Modern Athens, Literary Emporium, City of Notions and Hub of the

Brooklyn, City of Churches;

Buffalo, Queen of the Lakes;

Burlington (Iowa), Orchard City;

Charleston, Palmetto City;

Chicago, Prairie, or Garden City;

Cincinnati, Queen of the West and Porkopolis;

Cleveland, Forest City;

Denver, City of the Plains;

Detroit, City of the Straits;

Hartford, Insurance City;

Indianapolis, Railroad City;

Keokuk, Gate City.;

Lafayette, Star City;

Leavenworth, Cottonwood City;

Louisville, Falls City;

Lowell, Spindle City;

McGregor, Pocket City;

Madison, Lake City;

Milwaukee, Cream City;

Nashville, Rock City;

New Haven, Elm City;

New Orleans, Crescent City;

New York, Empire City, Commercial Emporium, Gotham, and Metropolis of

Philadelphia, City of Brotherly Love, City of Penn, Quaker City, and
Centennial City;

Pittsburgh, Iron City and Smoky City;

Portland (Me.), Hill City;

Providence, Roger Williams' City, and Perry Davis' Pain Killer;

Raleigh, Oak City;

Richmond, (Va.), Cockade City;

Richmond (Ind.), Quaker City of the West;

Rochester, Aqueduct City;

Salt Lake City, Mormon City;

San Francisco, Golden Gate;

Savannah, Forest City of the South;

Sheboygan, Evergreen City;

St. Louis, Mound City;

St. Paul, North Star City;

Vicksburg, Key City;

Washington, City of Magnificent Distances, and Federal City.

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