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Handy Weights And Measures

One quart of wheat flour is one pound. One quart of corn meal weighs
eighteen ounces. One quart of butter, soft, weighs 14 to 16 ounces. One
quart of brown sugar weighs from a pound to a pound and a quarter,
according to dampness. One quart of white sugar weighs 2 pounds. Ten
medium-sized eggs weigh one pound. A tablespoonful of salt is one ounce.
Eight tablespoonfuls make 1 gill. Two gills, or 16 tablespoonfuls, are
half a pint. Sixty drops are one teaspoonful. Four tablespoonfuls are
one wineglassful. Twelve tablespoonfuls are one teacupful. Sixteen
tablespoonfuls or half a pint, are one tumblerful.

The Meaning of Measures.--A square mile is equal to 640 acres. A square
acre is 208.71 feet on one side. An acre is 43,560 square feet. A
league, 3 miles. A span, 10-7/8 inches. A hand, 4 inches. A palm, 3
inches. A great cubit, 11 inches. A fathom, 6 feet. A mile, 5,280 feet.

Domestic and Drop Measures Approximated.--A teaspoonful, one fluid dram
4 grams; a dessertspoonful, two fluid drams 3 grams; a tablespoonful,
half fluid ounce 16 grams; a wineglassful, two fluid ounces 64 grams; a
tumblerful, half pint 256 grams.

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