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Happiness Defined

Wanting nothing and knowing it.

The mental sunshine of content.

A will-o'-the-wisp which eludes us even when we grasp it.

Excelsior! The ever-retreating summit on the hill of our ambition.

The prize at the top of a greasy pole which is continually slipping from
one's grasp.

The only thing a man continues to search for after he has found it.

The bull's-eye on the target at which all the human race are shooting.

The goal erected for the human race, which few reach, being too heavily

A wayside flower growing only by the path of duty.

A bright and beautiful butterfly, which many chase but few can take.

The interest we receive from capital invested in good works.

The birthright of contentment.

A treasure which we search for far and wide, though oft-times it is
lying at our feet.

The summer weather of the mind.

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