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Height Of Noted Structures

Following is the height in feet of some noted monuments and structures:

Amiens cathedral, 383;
Bunker Hill monument, 221;
Capitol, Washington, 288;
City Hall, Philadelphia, 535;
Cologne cathedral, 512;
Eiffel tower, 984;
Florence cathedral, 387;
Fribourg cathedral, 386;
Masonic Temple, Chicago, 354;
Metropolitan building. N. Y., 700;
Milan cathedral, 360;
the Great Pyramid, 451;
Rouen cathedral, 464;
St. Paul's, London, 404;
St. Peter's, Rome, 433;
Singer building, N. Y., 612;
Strassburg cathedral, 465;
St. Stephen's, Vienna, 470;
Ward building, Chicago, 394;
Washington monument, 556.

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