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Indorsing Checks Etc

When depositing checks, drafts, etc., see that they are dated properly
and that the written amounts and figures correspond. The proper way to
indorse a check or draft--this also applies to notes and other
negotiable paper--is to write your name upon the back about one inch
from the top. The proper end may be determined in this way: As you read
the check, holding one end in each hand, draw the right hand toward you,
and turn the check over. The end which is then farthest from you is the
top. If, however, the check, draft or note has already been indorsed by
another person, you should write your name directly under the other
indorsement, even if that is on the wrong end. If your own name on the
face of the check, draft or note is misspelled, or has the wrong
initials, but if the paper is clearly intended for you, you should first
write your name as it appears on the face, and under it your regular
signature. You should indorse every check you deposit, even though it be
payable to bearer.

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