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Language Of Precious Stones

The ancients attributed marvelous properties to many of the precious
stones. We give in tabular form the different months and the stones
sacred to them, as generally accepted, with their respective meanings.
It has been customary among lovers and friends to notice the
significance attached to the various stones in making birthday,
engagement and wedding presents.

January, Garnet.--Constancy and fidelity in every engagement.

February, Amethyst--Preventive against violent passions.

March, Bloodstone--Courage, wisdom and firmness in affection.

April, Sapphire--Free from enchantment; denotes repentance.

May, Emerald--Discovers false friends, and insures true love.

June, Agate--Insures long life, health and prosperity.

July, Ruby--Discovers poison; corrects evils resulting from mistaken

August, Sardonyx--Insures conjugal felicity.

September, Chrysolite--Free from all evil passions and sadness of the

October, Opal--Denotes hope, and sharpens the sight and faith of the

November, Topaz--Fidelity and friendship. Prevents bad dreams.

December, Turquoise--Prosperity in love.

Tiffany's list of birth stones is somewhat different from the above and
is given below:

Birth Stones. (As given by Tiffany & Co.)


February--Amethyst, hyacinth, pearl.

March--Jasper, bloodstone.

April--Diamond, sapphire.

May--Emerald, agate.

June--Cat's-eye, turquoise, agate.

July--Turquoise, onyx.

August--Sardonyx, carnelian, moonstone, topaz.


October--Beryl, opal.

November--Topaz, pearl.

December--Ruby, bloodstone.

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