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Last Words Of Famous Men And Women

'Tis well.--George Washington.

Tete d'armee.--Napoleon.

I thank God that I have done my duty.--Admiral Nelson.

I pray thee see me safe up, but for my coming down I can shift for
myself, were the last words of Sir Thomas More when ascending the

God bless you.--Dr. Johnson.

I have finished.--Hogarth.

Dying, dying.--Thos. Hood.

Drop the curtain, the farce is played out.--Rabelais.

I am what I am. I am what I am.--Swift.

I still live.--Daniel Webster.

How grand these rays. They seem to beckon earth to heaven.--Humboldt.

It is now time that we depart--I to die, you to live: but which is the
better destination is unknown.--Socrates.

Adieu, my dear Morand, I am dying.--Voltaire.

My beautiful flowers, my lovely flowers.--Richter.

James, take good care of the horse.--Winfield Scott.

Many things are becoming clearer to me.--Schiller.

I feel the daisies growing over me.--John Keats.

What, is there no bribing death?--Cardinal Beaufort.

Taking a leap in the dark. O, mystery.--Thomas Paine.

There is not a drop of blood on my hands.'--Frederick V.

I am taking a fearful leap in the dark.--Thomas Hobbes.

Don't let that awkward squad fire over my grave.--Burns.

Here, veteran, if you think it right, strike.--Cicero.

My days are past as a shadow that returns not.--R. Hooker.

I thought that dying had been more difficult,--Louis XIV.

O Lord, forgive me specially my sins of omission.--Usher.

Let me die to the sounds of delicious music.--Mirabeau.

It is small, very small, alluding to her neck.--Anna Boleyn.

Let me hear those notes so long my solace and delight.--Mozart.

We are as near heaven by sea as by land,--Sir Humphrey Gilbert.

I do not sleep. I wish to meet death awake.--Maria Theresa.

I resign my soul to God; my daughter to my country.--Jefferson.

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