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Mottoes Of The States

Arkansas--Regnant populi: The peoples rule.

California--Eureka: I have found it. Colorado--Nil sine numine: Nothing
without the Divinity.

Connecticut--Qui transtulit sustinet: He who has transferred, sustains.

Delaware--Liberty and Independence.

Florida--In God is Our trust.

Georgia--Wisdom, Justice, Moderation.

Illinois--State Sovereignty and National Union.

Iowa--Our liberties we prize, and our rights we will maintain.

Kansas--Ad astra per aspera: to the stars through rugged ways.

Kentucky--United we stand, divided we fall.

Louisiana--Union and Confidence.

Maine--Dirigo: I direct.

Maryland--Crescite et multiplicamini: Increase and multiply.

Massachusetts--Ense petit placidam sub libertate quietam: By her sword
she seeks under liberty a calm repose.

Michigan--Si quaeris peninsulam amoeanam circumspice: If thou seekest a
beautiful peninsula, look around.

Minnesota--L'Etoile du Nord: The Star of the North.

Missouri--Salus populi suprema lex esto: Let the welfare of the people
be the supreme law.

Nebraska--Popular Sovereignty.

Nevada--Volens et potens: Willing and able.

New Jersey--Liberty and Independence.

New York--Excelsior: Higher.

Ohio--Imperium in imperio: An empire within an empire.

Oregon--Alis volat propriis: She flies with her own wings.

Pennsylvania--Virtue, Liberty, Independence.

Rhode Island--Hope.

South Carolina--Animis opibusque parati: Ready with our lives and

Tennessee--Agriculture, Commerce. Vermont--Freedom and Unity.

Virginia--Sic semper tyrannis: So be it ever to tyrants.

West Virginia--Montani semper liberi: The mountaineers are always free.


United States
E pluribus unum: From many, one.

Annuit captis: God has favored the undertaking;

Vovus ordo seclorum: A new order of ages.

The first named on one side of the great seal, the other two on the

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