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Queer Analogies In Nature

The cocoanut is, in many respects, like the human skull, although it
closely resembles the skull of the monkey. A sponge may be so held as to
remind one of the unfleshed face of the skeleton, and the meat of an
English walnut is almost the exact representation of the brain. Plums
and black cherries resemble the human eyes; almonds, and some other
nuts, resemble the different varieties of the human nose, and an opened
oyster and its shell are a perfect image of the human ear. The shape of
almost any man's body may be found in the various kinds of mammoth
pumpkins. The open hand may be discerned in the form assumed by
scrub-willows and growing celery. The German turnip and the eggplant
resemble the human heart. There are other striking resemblances between
human organs and certain vegetable forms, The forms of many mechanical
contrivances in common use may be traced back to the patterns furnished
by nature. Thus, the hog suggested the plow; the butterfly, the ordinary
hinge; the toadstool, the umbrella; the duck, the ship; the fungous
growth on trees, the bracket. Anyone desirous of proving the oneness of
the earthly system will find the resemblances in nature a most amusing
study.--Scientific American.

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