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Relief For Asthma

An old friend of the editor of this book writes: I have been a sufferer
from asthma for twenty-five years, and for more than a dozen years have
used the following recipe with great benefit. It is not a cure, but in
my case gives almost instant relief. Take equal parts of powdered
stramonium leaves and powdered belladonna leaves and mix thoroughly; to
each ten ounces of the mixture add one ounce of powdered saltpeter
(nitrate of potash); mix all thoroughly. I always keep some of this in a
small tin box. When I wish to use it I pour a little of the powder into
the cover of the box, light it with a match, cover the whole with a
little paper cone with the point cut off. I place the point of the cone
in my mouth, and breathe the smoke into my lungs with the air. The first
trial is very hard; it almost strangles, but if persevered in will give
great relief. This is much better than stramonium alone. The saltpeter
makes it burn freely, and also helps to give relief. When my home was in
Northern Indiana, I used to buy the leaves in Chicago already powdered.
Now I send to New York. I find it cheaper to do this than to gather and
dry the leaves. It is also almost impossible to dry and pulverize the
leaves at home. By using a paper cone and breathing through it, little
or no smoke is wasted, and the box and paper can be carried in the
pocket and used as occasion requires.

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