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The Language Of Flowers

Flowers may be combined and arranged so as to express even the nicest
shades of sentiment.

If a flower is offered reversed, its direct significance is likewise
reversed, so that the flower now means its opposite.

A rosebud divested of its thorns, but retaining its leaves conveys the
sentiment. I fear no longer; I hope. Stripped of leaves and thorns, it
signifies, There is nothing to hope or fear.

A full-blown rose placed over two buds signifies Secrecy.

Yes is implied by touching the flower given to the lips.

No by pinching off a petal and casting it away.

I am, is expressed by a laurel leaf twined around the bouquet. I
have, by an ivy leaf folded together. I offer you, by a leaf of
Virginia creeper.

Combinations and Their Meaning.

Moss, Rosebud and Myrtle--A confession of love.

Mignonette and Colored Daisy--Your qualities surpass your charms of

Lily of the Valley and Ferns--Your unconscious sweetness has fascinated

Yellow Rose, Broken Straw and Ivy--Your jealousy has broken our

Scarlet Geranium, Passion Flower, Purple Hyacinth, and Arbor Vitae--I
trust you will find consolation, through faith, in your sorrow; be
assured of my unchanging friendship.

Columbine, Day Lily, Broken Straw, Witch Hazel and Colored Daisy--Your
folly and coquetry have broken the spell of your beauty.

White Pink, Canary Grass and Laurel--Your talent and perseverance will
win you glory.

Golden-Rod and Monkshead, Sweet Pea and Forge-me-not--Be cautious;
danger is near; I depart soon; forget me not.

Significance of Single Flowers.

Arbor Vitae--Unchanging friendship.

Camelia, White--Loveliness.


Carnation, Deep Red--Alas! for my poor heart.

Carnation, White--Disdain.


Clover, Four-Leaf--Be mine.

Clover, White--Think of me.

Clover, Red--Industry.


Columbine, Purple--Resolved to win.


Dead Leaves--Sadness.

Deadly Nightshade--Falsehood.


Forget-me-not--True love, Forget me not.

Fuschia, Scarlet--Taste.

Geranium, Rose--Preference.

Geranium, Scarlet--Consolation.

Golden-Rod--Be cautious.


Honey-Flower--Love, sweet and secret.

Hyacinth, White--Unobtrusive loveliness.


Lady's Slipper--Win me and wear me.

Lily, Day--Coquetry.

Lily, White-Sweetness.

Lily, Yellow--Gaiety.

Lily of the Valley--Return of happiness.

Mignonette--Your qualities surpass your charm.

Monkshead--Danger is near.


Oats--The witching soul of music.

Orange Blossoms--Chastity.


Passion Flower--Faith.

Peach Blossom--I am your captive.



Quaking Grass--Agitation.


Rose, Deep Red--Bashful shame.

Rose, Yellow--Jealousy.

Rose, White--I am worthy of you.

Rosebud, Moss--Confession of love.



Straw, Broken--Broken agreement.

Sweet Pea--Depart.

Tuberose--Dangerous pleasures.

Verbena--Pray for me.

Witch Hazel--A spell.

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