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The Law Of Trademarks

Any person, firm or corporation can obtain protection for any lawful
trademark by complying with the following:

1. By causing to be recorded in the Patent Office the name, residence
and place of business of persons desiring the trademark.

2. The class of merchandise and description of the same.

3. A description of the trademark itself with facsimiles.

4. The length of time that the said mark has already been used.

5. By payment of the required fee--$6 for labels and $25 for trademarks.

6. By complying with such regulations as may be prescribed by the
Commissioner of Patents.

7. A lawful trademark must consist of some arbitrary word (not the name
of a person or place), indicating or not the use or nature of the thing
to which it is applied; of some designating symbol, or of both said word
and symbol.

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